It was really good to welcome Piers Osborne from Simply First Aid back to ETNA to run another Moving and Handling Skills session for a group of volunteers and staff from HANDS, KNA and Richmond Good Neighbours.

The three hour course taught those who attended how to move clients safely in and out of a chair and around their homes, what to do if a client falls, how to get in and out of a car and how to move clients in a wheelchair.

A fun practical exercise with a stack of jam donuts highlighted how fragile the spine is and how best to protect it when moving clients.

We would encourage all our volunteers to sign up for the next session offered.

moving & handling skills workshop

A volunteer commented: I only have very positive feedback! For what could have been a dry subject matter, Piers' humour and style of delivery brought it to life. The practical exercises were very helpful and clearly got all participants thinking.