Who are our volunteers?

They are local residents just like you.  They shop for those who can no longer do it for themselves.  They pick up clients and accompany them to hospital or a doctor’s appointment, staying with them if they need moral support or a second pair of ears.  They drive them to social events, or simply meet them for a cup of tea and a chat or even take them to the theatre or cinema.  Some of these activities that we take for granted can be a huge challenge for those who are elderly, isolated or disabled.

What sort of time commitment would volunteering require?

We understand that you are busy, but unlike other volunteering roles we don’t need any regular commitment.  You can help once a week, once a month, whenever you want.  We can promise that volunteering with us is rewarding, interesting and life-affirming.

To be a volunteer driver you need a UK driving licence, comprehensive insurance and a car suitable for transporting elderly clients. Mileage can be claimed at 40 pence per mile.

All our volunteers are required to be checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service.


To find out more about us and how you could help, please contact Anne Speak on 020 3538 4060 or email organiser@richmondgoodneighbours.org.uk