Over eighty volunteers provide services entirely free of charge. These services might include shopping on behalf of a client or indeed taking the client shopping, driving to and from medical or dental appointments, transportation to and from social clubs or to meet with friends and occasionally gardening. We also offer a visiting and befriending service. In short we offer most of the tasks of a non-specific nature such as might be offered by a ‘good neighbour’. We are happy to provide these services on a regular basis e.g. weekly or on a more ad hoc basis.

All our volunteers are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service and our clients’ confidentiality is respected at all times.

Need help?

“Several tasks nowadays can be seen as routine or mundane, just another part of a daily schedule that doesn’t take a second thought. Yet for some, these same tasks are their day. Going to get the shopping or getting from A to B can be arduous at the best of times. So Richmond Good Neighbours aim to make a change and alleviate some of the modern-day stresses that people living in a community can incur.” This Is Our Town

If you need help with any of these tasks get in touch.

  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Visiting
  • Gardening

Richmond Good Neighbours is run by a part-time organiser, Anne Speak, who can be contacted between 9.00am -12.30pm Monday -Thursdays on 020 3538 4060 or by email  organiser@richmondgoodneighbours.org.uk.

Out of office hours there is an answering machine and messages will be responded to at the earliest opportunity.